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Pumpkin Recipes PLR and Other Seasonal Articles

Pumpkin recipes plrAs autumn comes into full swing people start thinking about and planning for the upcoming holidays. Food and cooking is central to family gatherings and traditions, and people are looking for new recipes and ideas for their holiday meals. You can attract new readers and potential customers to your blog or website by sharing seasonal recipes. And you don’t have to research and write them yourself. That’s all been done for you.

Here are some recommended resources for pumpkin recipes, turkey recipes, and holiday food and cooking private label rights articles (PLR):

turkey dinner recipe plr

  • Halloween Articles – 10 articles including pumpkin carving tips, costume ideas, decorating ideas, and Halloween recipes.
  • 30 Pumpkin Recipes and 10 Pumpkin Articles Grab both packs about three-quarters of the way down the page and then take a minute to search the rest of the page for even more pumpkin recipes and articles. For example, under Trick or Treat Recipes you’ll find crispy rice pumpkin pops and pumpkin joe pie. Under Halloween Cooking and Parties you’ll find pumpkin picking and carving articles. There’s even pumpkin custard ice cream in the Staying Cool recipe pack.
  • Weekly PLR Food Content Membership – The current content schedule includes fall recipes in week 3, including how to can pumpkin.
  • Easy Thanksgiving Recipes – 10 recipes including turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, ham, and pumpkin pie.
  • Christmas Recipes – 25 recipes including turkey, ham, cranberry bread, pumpkin soup, and pumpkin cake.
  • Thanksgiving Day Casseroles – 40 recipes including potatoes, vegetables, and desserts.
  • Christmas on the Cheap – 10 articles on how to have a great holiday on a budget.
  • winter holidays
    These packages are sold in limited quantities so grab yours today and start publishing quality holiday content on your blog or website. These articles and recipes can also be offered as ebooks or special reports for added income or incentives for subscribing to your mailing list.